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Desloge Lead Mines

Centuries as Industrialists

A French American family that rose to wealth from the 1700s through international commerce, sugar refining, oil drilling, fur trading, mineral mining, saw milling, manufacturing, railroads, real estate, and riverboats. Family ancestry of ten generatons in America from 1600s. 


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Deep Legacy Aiming Forward

Standing on the hard work and vision of past generations, Madaket Growth brings that legacy and experience of intelligently directed effort to face the future - to utilize this legacy of toil and achievement into modern and forward-looking dreams. To the Desloge family, history isn't just the stuff of the past, but the investment made by wildcatting and industrial foreparents in us, and our duty to honor their effort, wisdom and experiences, to keep their sacrifice and lives alive - to bring excellence, compassion and strength for the future. 

Substantial gains in our invented technology, years of collaboration with private equity leadership and Fortune 500 servicing & alliance partners, and the brain trust of industry subject matter experts has led Madaket Growth to have controlling and or managing membership of special high-margin, high-growth specialty firms in finance, technology, enterprise value and equity growth while delivering to our end clients profit generating systems and deep forensic audit trail. The future includes forming an investment fund deploying these proprietary systems for direct investment and resultant gains. 




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