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Ten Generations in America. 

We take the long view.


Patient capital.

Intelligently directed effort.


Madaket Growth engages with investments and opportunities utilizing its own proprietary (patented) profit growth and equity optimization programs which we invented and by which we actively serve the Fortune 500 and the largest private equity and private companies. 

Madaket Growth has two principal focuses: Provide optimization to others, and Invest in companies that respond to optimization. 

Madaket Growth is privately-owned holding company engaging in founding, acquiring and building high-quality companies. Madaket Growth seeks to expand on its solid foundation of high-performance enterprises while providing essential, highly-valued services to its clients.

Customers of Madaket Growth's companies are in demand of perfect and select services to meet and exceed their needs. Each company plays a key role in solving a critical need in that market and answers that social advocacy or business need with a commercially successful enterprise of the highest ranking.

Owning and growing great companies with great people.

Madaket Growth specializes in building Extreme Competitive Advantage high-margin, service-based businesses providing superior service to our clients and business partners.

Our relentless focus on competitive advantage widens the performance gap between our companies and our competitors. 

Serious service. Serious business. Great Companies. Great People. 


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